The Netherlands


Location: Automotive Campus, Helmond, The Netherlands.

The Dutch trial site will investigate, and demonstrate, how a digital twin can benefit from the possibilities beyond-5Gnetworks will have to offer.

For this, the four partners in the Dutch trial site will implement three use cases, all involving the Digital Twin (DT), with different QoS requirements on the connections between the DT and the UEs of the data providersThe DT (Siemens) and V2X service provider (Commsignia) will be able to use the ENVELOPE APIs, developed within the project, to request the QoS on-demand to the 5G core provider (TNO). The 5G Core provider will guarantee that the data collection from the UEs  will be successful and predictable. From a mobile operator perspective, network resources can be optimized to meet the Digital Twin service requirements.

The B5G network can, for example, propose the best QoS profile for the service to use and at the same time it can allocate resources based on various factors such as network performance historical and vehicle mobility information. The 5GCore will be connected to a 5G gNB (KPN).  



TNO, Commsignia, KPN, Siemens 


Use cases

UC 1: Periodic vehicle data collection for improving digital twin, e.g. for predictive maintenance
UC2: Vehicle testing with mixed reality
UC3: Tele-operated driving aided by digital twin

Key assets

o The development and testing of new Open APIs to more efficiently support the uplink data traffic for the data collection and creation of a Digital Twin running at the server/edge side

o Safe teleoperation in case of failure with the help of a Digital Twin.