Location: NCSRD-OTE Campus, Athens, Greece.

The Greek Site is an advanced large-scale experimental facility for 5G SA networks located in two different locations in Athens, namely the OTE Academy campus and the NCSR Demokritos campus, which are interconnected with a dedicated 10G dark fiber. 

In the Greek trial site, the primary goal is to guarantee uninterrupted service for end-users (vehicle providers). By seamlessly transitioning between different 5G networks, operated by various 5G testbed owners (such as OTE and NCSRD), the integrated system ensures that vehicles maintain access to vital environmental data through Edge servers. The integration of a centralized network application plays a pivotal role in facilitating this migration decision. By interacting with diverse 5G networks, the application conceals sensitive information and orchestrates the transfer of services without disruption. 

Additionally, the Greek site will investigate and develop various key innovation items including integration of QoS Prediction as a service, dynamic PoC of Network slicing and QoS for verticals, and multi-connectivity via ATSSS-like solution. The fundamental principle of the Greek site is centered on network programmability by exposing network capabilities through NEF, and also allowing applications to influence the network’s behaviour. 

Moreover, the Greek site will leverage ISFM Milla’s extensive experience as a vehicle provider to validate the use case in a large scale-trial with their autonomous vehicle.





Use cases

UC 1: MEC handover between multiple PLMNs

Key assets

o Provision of both Open-source and proprietary 5G Cores (i.e., Open5GS and ATHONET HPE) 

o B5G network programmability

o CAM service and autonomous vehicle as end-user

o Experimentation as a service