The evolution of communication technologies, represented by 5G advancement and the forthcoming 6G, is poised not only to broaden the scope of supported vertical industries but also to offer capabilities surpassing mere connectivity. Within this framework, CAM vertical services emerge as a diverse array of functionalities catering to vehicular environments, encompassing both safety-critical operations and ancillary services facilitated by 5G networks.

In response to these challenges, ENVELOPE project aims to:

1. Advance and open up 5G-advanced architecture to transform it into a vertical-oriented one, tailored to Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) vertical use cases. This involves enhancing the architecture to expose network capabilities, enabling verticals to dynamically request and modify certain network aspects.

2. Address weak points of 5GS streamlining the configuration of the network and end-devices to support verticals, which currently is a time-consuming manual process.

3. Enhance vertical-specific functionalities to meet specific requirements of verticals such as CAM and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This includes enabling functionalities like location services, edge computing, and network slicing.

4. Develop a modular architecture to support any vertical in a vertical-agnostic manner, while also addressing specific vertical requirements. This modular architecture should allow for better visibility of the network/communication state at the vertical side and advanced Application Function (AF) influence on network configuration.

5. Large-scale trial deployments planned in Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece will be enhanced and supported with functionalities tailored to CAM services and advanced exposure capabilities.

6. Promote reusability and applicability to develop an architecture that can cover, accommodate, and support any type of vertical service, not just CAM. The applicability of ENVELOPE capabilities in different vertical domains will be demonstrated through CAM-oriented use cases and additional open-call projects funded during the project duration.