ENVELOPE officially kicks off!

The ENVELOPE project made a significant debut with a two-day, in-person kick-off event held in Athens, Greece, on January 31st. Hosted by the Coordinator ICCS, this key occasion marked the initial gathering of the entire consortium. It served as a moment to unveil the action plan aimed at advancing innovative solutions for 6G technologies in Europe.

Commencing officially on January 1st, the ENVELOPE project embarked on its journey alongside 23 partners from various sectors, including public authorities, telecommunications providers, and research institutions.

The project’s objective is to enhance and make accessible the standard 5G advanced architecture by tailoring it into a vertically oriented structure with interfaces specifically designed for Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) Use Cases. This entails describing network capabilities, providing vertical information to the network, and enabling verticals to dynamically request and adjust certain network aspects. Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece will serve as testbeds across different vertical domains, showcasing CAM-oriented use cases along with a minimum of nine open call projects to be funded throughout the project’s duration.

The project’s launch was previously announced by SNS JU in October, and a comprehensive press release can be accessed through this link.

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